The campaign aims to “win a fairer share for working people”, and provide a blueprint to deliver secure work and a pay rise to workers. It claims the Australian minimum wage is no longer keeping people out of poverty.

Rallies will run on Tuesday across the country, including in Sydney, Gladstone, Cairns, Mackay, Darwin and then in Hobart, Brisbane, Bendigo and Canberra in the days after.

ACTU secretary Sally McManus said working people are demanding that rules are changed.

“This political protest is aimed at making Scott Morrison and federal politicians listen – our wages are going backwards, families are struggling, too many people are stuck in insecure work,” Ms McManus said.

“We need to bring back balance to the system so working people get fair pay rises. It is not right that profits are up, CEO bonuses are up, but our pay is not.”

Federal Minister for Jobs and Industrial Relations Kelly O’Dwyer said the rally would be a “small insight into what will happen across Australia on a rolling basis under a Shorten government”.

“Australians do not want a return to the workplace conflict of last century.”

A State Government spokesperson said the Andrews government supports the right of all workers to march in support of fairer wages for Victorians.

“Every worker deserves a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work,” he said.

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