A lawyer for Tatiana Akhmedova said “the only divorce granted to Akhmedov was that finalised in London in 2016.”


“The Moscow City Court’s decision is closing the net on his increasingly desperate attempts to avoid accepting that reality,’ Yuri Kuznetsov, her lawyer, said in a statement.

Akhmedov said in a terse text message that, despite the rulings, the chance of his ex-wife collecting the full judgment was “zero.”

The 63-year-old natural-gas magnate has said he’d supported his wife after their marriage was dissolved in Russia.

He blamed cynical lawyers for later filing for divorce in London, and British politics for the court’s decision. He said he planned to appeal the Moscow ruling to Russia’s supreme court.

A spokesman for the billionaire said Akhmedov will continue to resist the English judgement ‘using every legal means at his disposal, in whichever court in the world his ex-wife and her army of expensive lawyers may try to enforce it.’

‘What is at issue in the Russian proceedings is the whereabouts of critical court documents following actions by Mr Akhmedov’s ex-wife Tatiana and her agents to destroy evidence of the 2000 Russian divorce,’ he said.

A spokesman for Akhmedova responded, saying: ‘this allegation is as fanciful as it is false – altering a public record would be entirely impossible within the Russian legal system. First these documents were found to have been forged, then he claimed they were lost, and now he claims they were destroyed.’

For Akhmedova and her backers, the prize remains the Luna. The nine-deck yacht, which has 50 crew and two helipads, was originally built for Roman Abramovich before Akhmedov purchased it in 2014. It boasts a 20-metre outdoor swimming pool, eight smaller boats and a mini-submarine.

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