8 Best Anchorages In The British Virgin Islands

In this video episode, number 18 of the season, we’re going to show you what it’s like sailing the British Virgin Islands. Rumors abound about the state of the BVI after hurricane Irma. Watch this video to see what it’s really like.

We’ll show you Spanish Town on Virgin Gorda, the famous geological attraction called The Baths. We’ll then sail over to Leverick Bay to catch a pirate singing show and give you a tour of the Leverick Bay Resort and Maria. Britican’s Captain, Simon, will do a drive by of Bitter End and Saba Rock – two massive sailor hang-outs that were destroyed in hurricanes.

We’ll then sail down to Cooper Island to enjoy some raft fights and a drink at the Cooper Island Beach club.

Next we anchor off Salt Key to then take the dingy to the Rhone Shipwreck site followed by a calm sail to Norman Island where there’s rumored to be buried treasure on the island. From Norman Island we sail over to Great Harbor on Jost Van Dyke to visit the famous Soggy Dollar and visit Roxy’s. We’ll show you some rather horrific hurricane damage in Trellis bay on Beef Island but change the atmosphere with a full moon party.

Best Anchorages In The British Virgin Islands Video

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Best Anchorages In The British Virgin Islands

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