Anchoring in Culebra – The Spanish Virgin Islands

Join us for this weeks video, episode 15, where we move from Palmas Del Mar to the lovely quiet island of Culebra Puerto Rico in the Spanish Virgin Islands. Discover a new fish (to us) that Simon reels in (no – it wasn’t the usual Tuna or Mahi Mahi). Listen to Simon discuss our passage plan using our Navionics app on the Ipad and then outline his thought process about getting out of the marina slip safely.

The video will give you an insight as to what it’s like fishing, filleting and eat a fish right out of the sea. The whole process may not be as easy as one would think! And if you don’t want to see a fish filleted, you might have to close your eyes. You’ll also gain an insight into Simon’s thought process regarding the passage plan and leaving the marina. Quite a bit of thought needs to be used to ensure a boat leaves a marina without hitting something 😉

We also sail over some unexploded bombs.

When we arrive Culebra, our lovely boat buddy from Pura Vida, Heyward, fillets a couple fish. While Heyward is handling the fish I’ll give you some general fishing information that’s useful for cruisers. In the video we also celebrate a birthday and then wave goodbye to Pura Vida as they sail back to mainland Puerto Rico.

But what about the Pura Vida kids – they’re not on board Pura Vida?!

Pura Vida’s youngest crew members, Katie Grace and Heyward Jr, jump ship to join Britican for a few days. While the parents are away, we rent a golf cart and tour the island of Culebra. Get a first hand experience of what it’s like to tour Culebra with a bit of history thrown in too. (Did you know the USA used the island for bomb practice?)

Culebra Puerto Rico – The Spanish Virgin Islands Video

Do you have any feedback about the video, sailing the Spanish Virgin Islands, or Culebra itself? Perhaps you might want to say that I’m pronouncing Culebra wrong?! I now know it should be Cool Lee Bra. If you do have any comments other than that one, please leave them below. We all benefit from each others thoughts and contributions. And send out a tweet to your friends to let them know that they should check this video out…

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Relevant Resources

Something to read…

Culebra Puerto Rico
If you’re interested in reading more about Culebra’s history, a good one to get is – The Taínos: Rise & Decline of the People Who Greeted Columbus.

When Columbus arrived in the Americas, the first people he encountered were the Tainos. The Tainos were inhabitants of the islands of the northern Caribbean Sea. In this book a noted archeologist and anthropologist tell the story of the Tainos from their ancestral days on the South American continent to their rapid decline after contact with the Spanish explorers.

I find it so interesting to read the history or even historical fiction about the area’s we’re anchored in or visiting. Thanks to Amazon Kindle, it’s not hard to do a search and download a read about the local area.

And about fishing…

In the video above, there are a few key items we use when we’re fishing. Growing up on Lake Ontario we never brought in anything too big. In the ocean, however, some of the fish we catch are super heavy. You just can’t lift them out of the water. That being said, we wanted a net but not one that took up too much space. This net and gaff retract/extend and the whole net squeezes in and out. It takes up barely any space at all. And it’s very durable.

We have both these items on board and they easily stow below in our locker and when we’re actively fishing we keep them along side the boat for quick and easy access.

How about looking cool?

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And let’s also remember to keep those kids happy!

Our daughter and her friends spend hours on the tube. It’s great because we can deflate it when we need to store the tube and inflate when the kids want to play. And it’s a great ice breaker if you’re the new kid in the harbor. Sienna just has to hang out on the tube and when passing another kidboat she yells out, ‘Hey – do you want to join me?’ To date, she’s never been refused.

That’s it for this post!

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