Sailing Florida – West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach What’s it like to sail into West Palm Beach? Find out here by joining us on the journey. From Cape Canaveral out into the Atlantic Ocean and then into the Intracoastal Waterway, we made our way to Palm Beach Harbor Marina.

In our last article and video, Sailing to Florida – Cape Canaveral, Simon demonstrates our passage from St. Augustine to Cape Canaveral, our volunteer crew member Andrew, slips our mooring ball lines. Sienna thanks St Augustine for having us, Andrew comments what it’s like sailing at night and I discuss my excitement to see Kennedy Space Center. Simon docks us at Cape Marina followed by our solo sailing companion, Michael on Entitled. Finally, I offer a tour of Cape Marina and show some clips from the incredible Kennedy Space Center.

Our trip from Cape Canaveral to Palm Beach was fairly uneventful.

We had an amazing sunset, managed to sail half the time and motor the other half. We also enjoyed a yummy sausage pasta bake. Prior to entering the marina, we had to wait for on bridge opening. After we went through the bridge the Palm Habor Marina was directly on our starboard side.

West Palm Beach

The tide was running and Simon had to navigate between the bridge and the jetty. With the tide pushing us towards the bridge he had to drive straight at the pontoon and then quickly turn at the last minute. Simon did a great job. Michael, our solo sailing companion, was lined up to come in behind us but the marina put him on the T-head making the docking job much easier.

Once we tied the boat down we cleaned the inside and outside.

We all had showers and got ready to go out to dinner. Lucky for us we were invited to a free BBQ by the marina staff. A photographer was doing a photo shoot and needed extras. I think the photographer really wanted our daughter, Sienna, more than anything else. In addition to getting the free BBQ we were all given $25 gift certificates to use in the marina store and deli. That made the $200 berthing fee not so bad. We saved money on dinner and had $100 worth of goodies that we could get.

West Palm Beach

Palm Harbor Marina

The crew on Britican and Michael all met at the Palm Harbor BBQ area and had a lovely meal. We simply had to act like normal and the photographer went around us taking photos. Afterwards, we went to the main strip and took in all the sights and sounds of West Palm Beach at night. There were festive sand castles, a meet Santa area, festive music and loads of lights.

As we walked down the strip there were bars and restaurants packed with people. We ended up a sports bar/restaurant so that Sienna could get an ice cream and the adults could enjoy a beverage.

The following day, we left the marina for our Intracostal Waterway (ICW) adventure.

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West Palm Beach Video

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