Time Away From The Boat

It’s been 2 1/2 years since my family and I have left our sailboat, Britican. Although we don’t like time away from the boat we wanted to attend a wedding, catch up with family and friends and reunite our daughter with her British preschool buddies.

Time away from the boatInterestingly, even when life gets stressful on the boat or difficulties arise, I’ve never want a vacation. I’ve never think, ‘Oh – I wish I could just fly to Hawaii or Tahiti!’ First of all, if I’m going to visit a foreign location I want to bring Britican with me. Secondly, I feel as if my life is one big vacation anyway so why would I want a break from it?!

That being noted, however, we didn’t want to miss our dear friends wedding – Graham (Alexi) Sale and Andrea Ball were saying ‘I do.’ And to make matters more interesting, the wedding was a Halloween theme. So, we all had to come dressed as ghosts and goblins.

In addition to attending the wedding, my family and I made the rounds to see as many friends and family as possible. We spent hours driving all over the country but it was well worth it. After a two year separation from our loved one’s it was so nice to see them, eat some good food and catch up on everything we’ve missed.

It’s amazing how a couple years have gone by. But once we met up with our friends it’s as if there was no time had passed at all. We fit right back into our gang in Aylesbury as if we never left.

In the video below, allow me to show you our trip from Charleston, South Carolina to England. We do some sightseeing in the historic maritime city of Portsmouth. Thereafter, we attend the Halloween wedding, see some friends and enjoy being ‘home’.

Time Away From The Boat Video

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