Gifts for sailors – a nautically inspired pen

A friend of mine is doing a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a nautically inspired pen (a great gifts for sailors idea).

If you haven’t come across Kickstarter yet, it’s an online platform that enables people/companies to get ideas off the ground. In return for people like you and I pledging an amount towards the campaign, we get a varying degree of rewards based on the amount pledged. In many cases, you’ll get the end product.

But let me back up and tell you about the pen…

Gifts for Sailors - Oceanus Bow Shackle Pen

Gifts for Sailors – Oceanus Bow Shackle Pen

Why? Because it’s cool. It’s really, really cool and if you’re like me, you like sailing stuff or you have friends/family that like sailing stuff.

So…my friend sent me one of the brass bow-shackle pens a few weeks ago. I’ve had the privilege of using it to write my checklists, create little notes for my daughter’s lunch box, make grocery lists, personally sign my book, ‘Changing Lifestyles’ (for those who request it – which I still find very strange that someone would want my signature!) and send out ‘thank you’ notes.

What I love most about this pen is that it’s nautical – its brass and has a shackle!

Not only do I love all things sailing related but I’m also a pen freak. One year, for Christmas, my stepfather gave me a bucket full of pens. It was the best present I ever got. My father-in-law made a pen from wood for me. And my husband has purchased a variety of interesting pens throughout our 18 years of marriage. Some are sterling silver with engravings, some have my name on them and others signify places I worked or vacations I took – Disney World, comes to mind.

Yes-I’m one of those pen thieves so keep an eye on your writing utensils when I’m near you!

I’m often found testing out how a pen writes when visiting Staples or any stationary section of a department store. I love pens!

Aside from looking awesomely nautical, the Oceanus Brass Bow-Shackle Pen writes easily and effortlessly. It’s one of those pens that glides across the page flowing from one letter and word to the next.

In addition to looking cool and writing well, the pen has a bow-shackle, meaning that I can attach it to my navigation station knowing that it’s going the be there whenever I look for it!

In the past I’ve been known to tape string to the end of a pen or tie string around a cap but it inevitably fails when someone gives a little tug and off my pen goes. In other words, my efforts to prevent other pen thieves has failed miserably…but not with my bow-shackle pen! I have it attached to my nav station book rail.

It would take a thief quite a bit of time to remove it.

Anyway, Kickstarter campaigns have set start and finish dates. This one will be ending soon.

If you like the look of the pen, or are in search of gifts for sailors, check out the campaign and determine if you’d like to pledge some money in return for getting one yourself (or for a friend). Not only will you get a pen but you’ll also be helping my friend and this awesome product get out into the world.

Full details of the campaign are here: Oceanus Brass Bow-Shackle Pen

And please note I have no vested interest in this company nor do I make any money promoting this. I just thought it was so cool I’d share it with you.

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