Hamilton Bermuda by Boat

After a couple weeks of living life quietly anchored in St. George’s Bermuda, we pulled up our anchor and motored to Hamilton Bermuda by boat. Hamilton, the Capital of Bermuda, is quite a beautiful bustling city. While anchored we enjoyed the views of the city by day and night. We also took several trips to land to explore our surroundings.

But don’t let me get ahead of myself! First thing first – getting to Hamilton.

Before pulling up our anchor we called Bermuda Radio seeking guidance as to exiting St. Georges and taking the southern channel over to Hamilton. After a quick VHF call on Channel 27, Bermuda Radio said we were clear to leave noting that the only traffic to worry about where the two cruise ships using the Northern Channel.

My husband, Simon, started the engine. I pulled up the anchor and off we motored.

The breeze was strong and right on our nose so we had no choice but to motor the 2.5 hours from St. George’s to Hamilton. It was nice to see the island from the sea. We could easily spot all the beaches and landmarks we discovered by foot.

During the passage our daughter, Sienna, watched a movie. I chilled out taking in the beautiful views and Simon kept watch for channel markers and Cardinals (floating markers telling you to stay to one side to avoid obstructions). The Cardinals point to East, West, North or South and you need to ensure your boat passes them correctly.

A few sport fish boats passed us in addition to some other motoring sailboats.

Otherwise, it was a gentle motor along the island of Bermuda. We could see the amazingly blue tropical waters, a flat-ish green island dotted with white roofed homes and a couple cruise ships docked at the Naval Dockyards.

Eventually we made it to the anchoring spot and found a Tall Ship from Columbia in addition to a huge motor yacht. After circling around for a while we decided to anchor in Blue Hole near White Island. Upon anchoring we were greeted by a neighbor located on a nearby mooring buoy. Captain Mike explained our spot was a good place to anchor – great holding. He then asked the usual question we get asked, ‘Is your boat an Oyster?!’

From there on out felt a part of the community.

The Hamilton Bermuda by Boat Video showcases the sights and sounds we experienced. Hopefully the music I choose to accompany the video will provide an enjoyable viewing experience. So, sit back and enjoy our trip from St. Georges to Hamilton Bermuda…

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