Sailing to Bermuda Video – The 5 Day Passage

Sailing to Bermuda has allowed us to hit our 20,000 nautical miles mark! Woo woo! And this sailing to Bermuda video showcases our trip.

Looking back, my family, guests and I have really made quite a bit of progress on our around the world journey. Part of me always wonders if we’ll actually make the full circumnavigation. But with sailing I’ve learned to take it one day at a time (or shall I say one journey at a time?).

Anyway, to truly get a feel for what it takes to prepare for a five day sail, watch our video, ‘How to Provision and Prepare for Boat for Passage,’ as that video is the precursor to Sailing To Bermuda video below. It covers what we did to prepare the boat and meal planning. It also covers passage planning, dealing with Immigration and Customs and more.

And if you want the full scoop – and all the behind the scenes information – of what its’ like to prepare, plan and sail for five days (the good, bad and ugly), read my article entitled Sailing to Bermuda.  Video is great to provide a feel for what we’re doing. But to get the full scoop, the articles will provide more in depth information.

Without any further ado, allow me to present our…

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