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Seasickness Remedies

Seasickness Remedies

Getting seasick is horrible. I know because I’m a sufferer. Even after living and cruising full time on a sailboat since 2014 I still have episodes where I turn green and have to use some sort of seasick remedy. Listed below is everything I’ve ever tried and/or have given to crew members afflicted with the debilitating issue.

The best thing to do about seasickness is to prepare for it to happen

Some drugs and tablets can be taken before a trip. Others can be used when the symptoms of seasickness presents itself. Sometimes particular remedies will work in certain conditions and sometimes they won’t.

It’s also possible for some seasickness remedies to create other issues – perhaps side effects that are far worse. For example, when I crossed the Atlantic Ocean (18 days of nonstop sailing and swells) I took a drug for nine days. On the 9th day my ears plugged up. I then developed an earache that was excruciatingly painful. After that, I used the chemical patch to reduce my various bouts with nausea and dizziness but that left a rash on my skin for over three months!

The next thing to do is to get a few different remedies and try them out

Start with natural seasick remedies as they are least likely to have harmful side effects. Furthermore, it’s important to realize that seasickness will reduce over time. Once your body gets used to being on a boat it will improve. When I first started out, I puked every trip. Now, I no longer puke at all and I often won’t feel sick unless I’m in a side to side motion swell. Perhaps when I’m 80 I’ll be rid of seasickness once and for all?!

Seasickness Food Products

For me, I often chew quite a bit of gum. For some reason it settles my stomach. Hard candies also work well.


Whenever I feel seasick or car sick I rub the points on my wrist that are supposed to alleviate motion sickness. I find that it works for a few minutes and can often ward off vomiting but it doesn’t miraculously make me feel better. I do have the watch listed here but it’s one of the last things on my list to try…I’m’ afraid to try it and fail so I just keep it in my jewelry case for the day when I am truly desperate. I will eventually test it out!


With aromatherapy I find that it either works or it makes the situation far worse. I tried the Quease Ease and it almost made me puke instantly. For me, strong smells are not a good thing when I’m feeling ill. I have, however had friends where aromatherapy worked very well.

Natural Pills and Patches

Note that these patches are not the drug patch, otherwise referred to as Scopolamine. These are natural remedies. Ginger has always worked for me. Every morning I have a ginger pill and on the days when I forget to take it I don’t fair very well. By far, ginger has been a fantastically inexpensive and natural remedy that I swear by.


Regarding Scopolamine – Call your doctor to request a prescription if in the USA or Canada. In Europe it can be purchased at most drugstores/pharmacies over the counter. Otherwise, here are the common seasickness drugs that are available at any drug store.

Other options worth considering

I haven’t tried the head rest thing yet but I’m certainly going to give it a go. When I feel sick my head gets heavy so this might just help by keeping my head up! For that price, however, I went a head rest and an massive improvement in my overall condition. Regarding the Louise Hay Book, it has some affirmations that you can use for seasickness and motion sickness. And the copper bracelets – again, some people swear by them! Whatever works…If someone told me to hand a potato around my neck I’d give it a try!

Seasickness remedies for children

My daughter has been sailing since she’s been one year old. At first she wasn’t affected at all. As she got older I noticed that she’d get seasickness the first day we sailed if there had been quite a bit of time between sails. What usually happened is that she’d puke for the first day but after that she’d be fine. Hyland’s Motion Sickness Relief Tablets worked well. And sleep is a good remedy too!

For Dehydration

Sailors are more apt to get seasickness if they’re dehydrated. And once someone is sick dehydration becomes a massive issue. It’s bad enough to feel motion sickness but by adding dehydration to your situation you’ll want to die. Avoid this at all costs!

If you’ve ever tried something that’s not listed here and it’s worked for you, please add a comment below letting us know about it. I’m always on the search for new seasickness remedies.

And if you’re very serious about preparing for and dealing with seasickness, for yourself and your family/crew, consider purchasing my guide on Seasickness.

The objectives of my Preparing for Seasickness guide are to:

  • explain how to prepare for someone getting seasick – It’s going to happen!
  • help you and your crew/guests understand the symptoms of seasickness so measures can be taken to mitigate affects
  • highlight ways that seasickness can be prevented or stalled
  • list several remedies available that can be instigated before or during a seasickness episode