How we sold up and sailed away

Questions & Answers: How we sold up and sailed away. What sequence of events happened that caused us to sell all our possessions and buy a yacht to sail around the world in? Looking back, over three years now, you can read exactly what happened and how I felt. Read Negotiations 56 Oyster Yacht have finished but not without massive pain. That article was written back in October 2013!

Since then we’ve sailed over 18,500 miles around the Mediterranean, crossed the Atlantic Ocean, sailed the Caribbean and are currently preparing to head towards the Pacific Ocean.

How we sold up and sailed away – Video

Selling up and sailing away certainly isn’t for someone with a medium interest in sailing

To get out on the sea you might have to move heaven and Earth – your passion for the lifestyle must be huge. The process might be overwhelmingly stressful. But as described in our video, if you really make your mind up and go for it anything can happen – and boy, can it happen fast.

Are you ready to sell up and sail away?

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