NEW: Sailing Questions Answered – A Video Series

PRESS RELEASE: The owners of Sailing Britican have started a new YouTube video series called, ‘Sailing Questions Answered,’ with the pilot video kicking off with the question, ‘How did we get into Sailing?’

The new series has been designed to provide followers with…

…a more in-depth look at the sailing liveaboard and cruising lifestyle

Previous Sailing Britican YouTube Channel videos have been about sailing destinations, sailing how-to’s and specific journeys including sailing around Minorca, crossing the Atlantic and more.

With an increase in viewers and website newsletter subscriptions Sailing Britican’s owners, Simon and Kim Brown, have been inundated with emails and comments questioning a wide variety of sailing lifestyle related questions – both about the owners and in general. Unable to keep up with the demands of writing individual email responses, Simon and Kim are consolidating the most popular questions and answering them through video.

The first Sailing Questions Answered Video – How did we get into sailing?

Simon and Kim set out in 2014 to discover if they could change lifestyles. Kim was the owner of a large UK based currency exchange company and Simon was a stay-at-home dad.

Feeling burnt out and destined for some sort of illness (and at the top of her game) Kim decided to escape the rat race through a stressful management buyout. Kim should have stayed in the job, boosted her retirement fund and did the responsible thing.

Simon wasn’t fairing very well either. He knew that he should have been enjoying the role of Mr. Mom but found it quite stressful and isolating. Although he attended new parent coffee mornings and various baby classes he was often the only male. Not only did he feel like he didn’t fit in but he didn’t have anyone to talk to about his unexpected situation.

The Brown’s decided that life wasn’t working for them

They should have been happy with what they had but they weren’t. Kim should have been happy spending eight years to build a company that was now very profitable. Simon should have been happy being able to stay home with his baby/toddler daughter.

Instead of following all the ‘shoulds’ – working until retirement and playing it safe and so forth – the couple decided to take a massive risk and start over again.

The Brown’s sold everything, packed up their 3 ½ year old daughter and hit the sea in search for a more fulfilling life

Their goal was to find a different way to live. A way that was healthier, less stressful, allowed for more family time and ultimately provided a way to live and share their love and passion for sailing and the sailing lifestyle.

Three years ago the family left land with a small pot of savings and trust in the Universe that life rewards those that work had and seek fulfillment. Where is this family of three now? What was their first few years like? Was it easy? Was it hard. Would they make the same decision to do what they did again? Is their pot of savings gone and if so how are they surviving?

All these questions and more will be answered within the new Sailing Questions Answered videos.