Comments & Suggestions on Make Money While Sailing Guide



What did you think about my guide How to make money money while sailing around the world? Hopefully, you’ve had the opportunity to read it. If you haven’t requested the guide yet, click on the link above to request it.

After reading the 10 ways that current cruisers are using to fund their exciting sailing lifestyle did you have any ‘ah-ha’ moments or boosts of inspiration? If you did, please share your comments below! By sharing it helps all of us that have a similar dream and/or yearn to live a different lifestyle.

The methods mentioned in the guide don’t provide instant results but over time the results can grow and become exponential. The reason I say this is because I’m living proof that a ‘normal’ person can sell up, sail away and find a way to keep sailing. (I write ‘normal’ because anyone that decides to live on a boat certainly isn’t normal. And I think that’s a good thing!)

As I write this paragraph, over 5,428 people have downloaded this guide in the short couple months it’s been available. And I’ve received loads of feedback – many people excited by the potential opportunities and several others offering new ideas and other income opportunities. Previously I invited readers to email me with their thoughts but all the great feedback sat in my inbox (and still sits there!) I’m hoping this page can allow readers to comment, question and share ideas.

So…what are your thoughts on the guide? And do you have any other ideas or suggestions on how make money while sailing around the world.

Please share! Put your comments below and I thank you, as I’m sure other readers do, in advance.