Sailboat Christmas Decorations – Turning the mast into a Christmas Tree

For the first Christmas that we owned Britican, my family and I were in the UK preparing for our world adventure. Britican sat in Gibraltar bringing in Christmas and the New Year by herself. Unfortunately Britican didn’t have any sailboat Christmas decorations.

For our second year, we were located in Marina di Ragusa in Sicily. My daughter and I made some simple decorations but we didn’t have anything too exciting. Some of the boats in the marina went all out. We enjoyed a couple boats that used their mast to make a Christmas tree.

For our third Christmas, we celebrated the festive season in St Lucia, an island in the Caribbean, after crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

During our 18 days of ocean crossing, my daughter and I, once again, made decorations. One of my friends from New York brought us a variety of ornaments, do-it-yourself decorations and a miniature Christmas tree. We had some paper decorations hanging from the bimini and saloon ceiling, snowflakes on the windows and decorations dotted around the boat. We, however, did not have any Christmas lights.

sailboat christmas decorations

sailboat christmas decorations

This year, while living aboard Britican in Charleston Harbor, my husband, Simon, decided to go crazy. Enjoying the Christmas Tree lights we saw at Marina di Ragusa, he endeavored to do the same. With 150′ of LED rope lights, Simon went 3/4 up our mast and went to work. After a couple hours and lots of swinging around, Simon, achieved what he set out to do!

Our friend, Randel, helped Simon and I turn our mast into one massive Christmas Tree. Watch our sailboat Christmas decorations video below and enjoy our results ?

Merry Christmas from everyone on Britican. And here’s to an awesome New Year!